Research Unit imaginaryShort

imaginaryShort, based in Kyoto, Japan, is a team of creative engineers that I belong to. Past projects include shoes that facilitate friendmaking by helping people notice each other, pretty flowers that can let you know that your loved ones are safe, and a phone that lets you send and record emoticons.

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I document my projects and excursions on Instagram. Expect a lot of street art.

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Kishin Kato. University of Chicago '18.

Raised in Nara, Japan, I am currently a college student studying Geography and Computer Science. Fascinated by the satisfaction of creating things by hand, I am always working on some project, be it computer programming, garment design, or making hip-hop. This version of my portfolio was created in April 2016, during a hackathon I attended.

QUBE: Fashion Design.

After graduating from high school, I spent one and a half years experimenting with various materials, teaching myself how to create clothes and accessories from leather, wood, silicon, and even cement. During this time, I was able to land a contract with Japanese boy band Bullet Train to make their shoes. Today, I continue to design garments, with the MODA 2016 Fashion Show in Chicago showcasing my latest work.

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I upload the music I make to SoundCloud whenever I can. I'm also a big fan of the independent scene that SoundCloud supports. Follow the link to a playlist of the tracks I'm most proud of.

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